The Bazaar @ 24/10/09

Hi everyone!

How have you been doing? Well, as for us, we are busy with lots of stuffs. Then, the internet goes "ding dong" a little bit...

Our latest update on our cosy bazaar...

The Weld organized an activity namely "Love Our Planet Shop-A-Hunt". When you think of "hunt", definitely a treasure hunt activity. We saw the participants running here & there to search the shop's name & etc. Last but not least, they are going to held the same event next year even bigger!

What about our trader? Who's in? A picture shows a thousand words.

The view (front & back) of our bazaar area.... Fully occupied!

Beads Garden Fashion: Handmade jewelries & cards

Rumi's boutique: Asian Heritage-fabrics, blouses & accessories from India & other parts of the world.

Flower Power 69: Brand new & pre-loved clothes, hair wrap services & handmade jewelries. Pre-book service is available too: make-up service & photo shooting.

Sharon's boutique: Ready-made accessories inclusive stainless steel accessories & ladies apparel.

Girlies Barn: Ladies apparel. They do carries plus size clothing.

As usual, we are still looking for trader to join us. Drop us an e-mail / message at chat box. We will get back to you soon.

Wishing - Happy Deepavali!

The Golden Triangle Bazaar would like to take this opportunity to wish you "Happy Deepavali".

Meanwhile, Golden Triangle Bazaar will take a day off on 17th October 2009 due to Deepavali. We will be back on 24th October 2009 as usual.

Stay tuned!

Kolam Making Competition @ The Weld - 10 Oct 2009

Remember about the Kolam Making Competition organized by The Weld on 10 October 2009?

Is a remembrance right? Or did you missed to participate the event, enjoying the crowd and so on? Nevermind! Cos Golden Triangle Bazaar did not missed this event. Of course the organizing committee participated in this memorable event of One Malaysia.

Kolam being made by the professional.

There are total of 9 teams participated for this event. Each team have 3 team members. The judgment of the each piece of art was judged by 3 judges.

Below are the photos made by every of the team.

Kolam designed by team 1.

Kolam designed by team 2. (1st runner up)

Kolam designed by team 3.

Kolam designed by team 4. (The Winner)

Kolam designed by team 5.

Kolam designed by team 6.

Kolam designed by team 7. (2nd runner up)

Kolam designed by team 8.

Kolam designed by team 9.

Interesting right?

The whole view of the Kolam Making.

So, are you interested to look the real masterpiece? Just go to The Weld & have a look. The Kolam will be remain until Deepavali day. Let's celebrate together. 1 Malaysia.

Ads - Make Up Like A Pro!

Hey people

Are you looking for make up workshop? Wish to make up like a pro as well even tough you have not attend a long course for the make up?

Jaja Radzwan Make Up & Hair having their workshop on this coming month.

Date: 18th October 2009
Time: 3-6 p.m.
Venue: Rebung Restaurant (4-2 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Utama, K.L.)
Price: RM 100
Goodies: Hi-tea, attractive door gifts & soft copy of coloured self portrait.
URL: (for more details)

~ Limited seats available! ~

Kolam Making Competition @ The Weld - 10 Oct 2009


Do you know that there is a "Kolam Making Competition" around K.L.? Unsure??

The Weld is organizing "Kolam Making Competition" for this coming Deepavali session. I always enjoy to them making the "Kolam". Fantastic with those colored rice and arts.

THEME: "1 Malaysia"

The itinerary is as follows.

7 Oct 2009 @ 10 am - Kolam Making Demo
10 Oct 2009 @ 11 am
- Kolam Making Competition

Remember to mark yourself on this date.

The details of the competition is as follows.

THEME: "1 Malaysia"

Date: 10 Oct 2009
Day: Saturday
Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

1st Price: RM 300 Cash Prize + Hamper
2nd Price: RM 200 Cash Prize + Hamper
3es Prize: RM 100 Cash Prize + Hamper
Consolation x 7: Hamper

How to Participate:
1. Spend RM 80 or more in a single receipt at any outlet in The Weld to be eligible for participation of 1 team.
2. All participants must be in groups of 3 persons.
3. Only a maximum of 10 teams will be accepted on a first-come-first served basis.
4. This contest is open to all with no age limit.
5. All participants must be self-prepared with their own coloured materials and all necessary accessories for the Competition.
6. Size of Kolam is approx. 4' x 4'.
7. Participants are required to register themselves at 10.30 a.m. at the Concourse area, Lower Ground Floor. The competition will start at 11 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.
8. Registration forms must be submitted with full details to the Information Counter, Ground Floor no later than 8 Oct 2009.

For more details, do download the form as attached below. There is more rules & regulations stated in the form.

Interesting prize right? Just participate to show off your talent. Who knows you might win the first prize.

In case you do not want to participate, do drop by to enjoy our 1 Malaysia cultural exchange.

Stay tuned!!